Nomad 1.7.1 released

The Nomad team has released Nomad v1.7.1, which includes a critical bug fix for Nomad and Nomad Enterprise.

This release includes:

  • A fix for a critical bug introduced in Nomad 1.7.0. The new RSA key generated in the Nomad keyring was not replicated from the leader to followers. This results in signed workload identities failing to verify after a leader election.
  • A fix for a bug in Vault configuration parsing where the deprecated VAULT_TOKEN and VAULT_NAMESPACE environment variables were ignored.
  • A new prevent_reschedule_on_lost jobspec field that prevents allocations from being rescheduled when a node is disconnected.

Please refer to the changelog for the complete list of improvements and bug fixes.


The Nomad Team

1.7.1 Binaries - Nomad v1.7.1 Binaries | HashiCorp Releases
1.7.1 Changelog -

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Correction: prevent_reschedule_on_lost does not appear in Nomad 1.7.1

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