Okta Provider - Error validating checksum

Error verifying checksum for provider “okta”
The checksum for provider distribution from the Terraform Registry
did not match the source. This may mean that the distributed files
were changed after this version was released to the Registry.

I am trying to use the okta provider from the Terraform registry, but it is failing. How can I fix this issue?



I downloaded from the Okta provider repo, built it per the instructions, then copied the executable to my {home}/.terraform.d/plugins directory and I got past the same error message.

It would be helpful if the readme directed what should be done with the executable since those new to Terraform wouldn’t know to put the plugin there.

Hey there! The Okta provider is maintained by the Terraform Team at Articulate according to the Provider’s Readme. I recommend submitting an issue or pull request here: https://github.com/articulate/terraform-provider-okta

Having said that, we’re working hard on an improved process to help everyone better connect with resources for support related to the tool-chain in their workflow(s).

Thanks, I was able to get this working by building the module directly from the articulate github location.