Passing data into a Firecracker VM

The Firecracker driver is documented here:

What’s unclear to me is how to actually get dynamic data (such as via artifact stanzas) into the VM guest.

It appears that you can specify disks to mount as devices into the guest:

I’m not sure what it would look like to:

a) Mutate a file that’s mounted into the guest (seems tricky?)

b) Even access that file from outside of the guest

Right now my plan is to bootstrap the VM by having it reach out to a non-firecracker sidecar, and have that sidecar just be a docker driven nomad task with artifacts that work in an understandable way.

Has anyone solved similar problems with Firecracker, or can otherwise point me to an OSS project using Firecracker?

Hi @insanitybit ,

Would setting an environment variable work for you?

  • Derek and the Nomad Team