Plugin "docker-ref" not found (k8s, odr, 0.10.2)


I am trying to use the “docker-ref” plugin on kubernetes odr (git data-source), but it doesn’t seem to be working. Is this not a supported usecase? I get the following error (running v0.10.2):

plugin “docker-ref” not found

Using the docker+registry (waypoint.hcl) plugins works on the same environment (kaniko dockerless build).

Hey @kds-rune ! Would you mind sharing the logs from your on-demand runner?


waypoint up -prune-retain=0 -app=nginx -project=example-1
  Performing operation on "kubernetes" with runner profile "01GEJ7G7X8RKAWBFVAPBWNK1G2"

» Cloning data from Git
  Ref: HEAD

» Downloading from Git
  Git Commit: c62faf773bfa5b13ef3fe963fda5cbbf63c2d577
   Timestamp: 2022-10-04 19:20:41 +0000 UTC
     Message: update

! 1 error occurred:
        * plugin "docker-ref" not found

log.txt (6.0 KB)

@kds-rune I just took a peek at your log file, it looks like your ODR is still running v0.10.1, which doesn’t contain the docker-ref plugin.

Line 1 from log.txt:

2022-10-04T20:04:02.836Z [INFO]  waypoint: waypoint version: full_string="v0.10.1 (830e74dd0+CHANGES)" version=v0.10.1 prerelease="" metadata="" revision=830e74dd0+CHANGES

Can you verify that the OCI-URL for your runner profile which launched the ODR is hashicorp/waypoint-odr:latest, OR hashicorp/waypoint-odr:0.10.2? waypoint runner profile list should let us know.

If it is indeed hashicorp/waypoint-odr:latest, then I suspect that the orchestrator running your ODR may not be forcibly pulling the newest version of the latest tag.


Good catch.

I had only checked the deployed server + static runner version + helm-chart values; both were/are 0.10.2.

I installed waypoint using:

export WAYPOINT_NAMESPACE=waypoint
kubectl create namespace $WAYPOINT_NAMESPACE
kubectl config set-context --current --namespace=$WAYPOINT_NAMESPACE
waypoint server install -platform=kubernetes -accept-tos -k8s-namespace=$WAYPOINT_NAMESPACE
waypoint runner profile list
Runner profiles
             NAME            | PLUGIN TYPE |                 OCI URL                 | TARGET RUNNER | DEFAULT
  01GEJ7G7X8RKAWBFVAPBWNK1G2 | kubernetes  | | *             | yes

Any how this could happen? helm-chart states 0.10.2 for odr as well.

I removed the images tagged with “latest”, and now it works :slight_smile:

Thanks @paladin-devops !

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Awesome!! I’m glad it works and you can use the new plugin now! :smiley:

@denysvitali your new plugin is already seeing some action :slight_smile: