Registry does not work as intended, unable to debug webhook

Im attempting to publish a new provider using the official docs but unable to debug issues

there’s no information from the registry about whats wrong. If its missing thats something I can maybe look into. If its incorrect im not sure in what way. This error is not meaningful or helpful in this scenario without any logs i can peek

$ cat sums| sort >a
$ cat terraform-provider-uptycs_0.0.1_SHA256SUMS| sort >b
$ diff a b

upon further reading the docs state you can delete the webhook and resync, but this is not the case. I opened an issue for that here and here

Hello @myoung34! I’m a Hashicorp employee who works with the Terraform Registry.

I was able to fix an issue with the webhook on your GitHub repository, which helped to expose an underlying publishing issue.

Your release v0.0.2 includes a file called terraform-provider-uptycs_0.0.2_manifest.json. However, if you look carefully at that file (which can be downloaded here), you’ll see that there are trailing commas, which makes the contents of the file invalid JSON. You should be able to fix this issue by making a new release without those extra commas in the manifest.json file.

I’m sorry for the confusion and the webhook issues you encountered. This is a subtle error and the message that you got from the registry was not helpful.