Session Persistence, HAProxy and Consul

Hello there.

I work for a big company that decided to deploy a multi-site Consul cluster for active/active configurations, and we desire to deploy Splunk search clusters under it, which require session persistence.

Now, we know that Consul, natively, doesn’t support session persistence/“sticky sessions”. Although, we realized that HAProxy can integrate directly into Consul, as either a sidecar proxy or a standalone service.

We tend to go towards the sidecar option, since we search an active/active solution, but we’re not sure how it’s really implemented, and there’s not so much information about it online about either options.

Did anyone here implemented Consul as a part of a session-persistent solution for an active/active application? If so, do you have any ideas about how to implement it (either with HAProxy or another open source tool)?

Hi @BscalE,

Consul 1.9 (currently in beta) supports persistent session routing using Envoy’s maglev load balancing policy. See the following guide for an example of configuring this.

Does this feature look like it might satisfy your requirements?