Settings tab is unavailable in the provider page for other Github organization members


We are the owner of the satori terraform provider

Last time we had some sync issues, but discovered that only me can resync the provider code manually.

All other github members ( even with admin permissions) can’t see the settings option in the provider page after signing in to the terraform registry with their github account

see the picture below

What can be a problem?

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Hi @alexku7 :wave: Welcome to HashiCorp Discuss and thank you for asking about this topic.

The public Terraform Registry automatically associates a single GitHub user as an “owner” for artifacts, which I believe is the user who installs/associates the Terraform Registry GitHub application. I believe the registry restricts resync operations to only the owner and does not currently support multiple owners or take into consideration other GitHub organization members. If you need to change the owner, there is contact information at the bottom of the publishing providers documentation.

I cannot speak too broadly publicly about this or expected timeframes, however I can say there are actively ongoing efforts to remove this restriction as it is a known pain point for teams trying to manage artifacts. I will forward this topic to the team working on that in case they may want to reach out or additionally post here. This may also warrant some additional information on the Publishing FAQ page, since that only talks about what the resync process does.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation :slight_smile:

We have a similar issue even now, where we don’t see the resync option. Is it still the case in that the owner is still a single person for the Terraform community registry ? Is it possible to change the owner to a github team or a group of names?