Sporadic permission error when creating aws_flow_log for multiple VPCs

I use the following terraform code in a separate vpc_flow terraform config to create aws_flow_logs (destination is the same S3 bucket for all VPCs) for all VPCs.

resource "aws_flow_log" "flow_log" {
  for_each = {
    for vpc in data.terraform_remote_state.vpc_state.outputs.vpc_list : "${vpc.network_key}" => vpc
  log_destination      = aws_s3_bucket.vpc-flow-bucket.arn
  log_destination_type = "s3"
  traffic_type         = "ALL"
  vpc_id               = each.value.network_id

When I run terraform apply on this , some times I get an error as follows, with some VPC’s flow logs created, and some not:

Error: Error creating Flow Log for (vpc-027c46aab58f8c7ee), error: Failed to set permission for LogDestination: 89556522452vpcdflowlogs

When I re-run the same script without any changes, it does run successfully for all VPCs. However, many times, the script runs the first time successfully, creating all the flow logs in the same S3 bucket. Is this a race condition of some kind while setting bucket-policy/ACL on target S3 bucket for multiple VPCs (as flow logs of all VPCs are targeted in the same bucket)?