Spotted an error in the terraform documentation

Hello everyone,
While reading the documentation for the ‘Input Variables’ → ‘Values for undeclared variables’ Input Variables - Configuration Language | Terraform by HashiCorp the example scenario with the variable name moose in the variable definition and the example variable declaration ’ moose = “Moose” ’ is wrongly correct (if I may say so). The explanation below points to an expected Terraform warning message " Will cause Terraform to warn you that there is no variable declared "mosse" ", which makes me think that the ’ moose = “Moose” ’ declaration should be ’ mosse = “Moose” ’ instead.
P.S. I am new user in this community, and I am not sure if this is the right place for posting an issue like this. If this is wrong, please point me the right place and I will write my report there.

I saw that this is fixed with the Revert "Docs: Change misspelling of variable in documentation" · hashicorp/terraform@2dd5e10 · GitHub commit. So the mistake will be fixed.