Support for azurerm_cdn_profile new sku's

The new Azure Frontdoor premium also uses a different azurerm_cdn_profile SKU. The rest of the azurerm_cdn_profile config seems to be same.
There are now 2 sku’s:

  • Premium_AzureFrontDoor
  • Standard_AzureFrontDoor

resource “azurerm_cdn_profile” “example” {
name = “exampleCdnProfile”
location = “West US”
resource_group_name =
sku = “Standard_AzureFrontDoor”

tags = {
environment = “Production”
cost_center = “MSFT”

The new Azure Frontdoor premium has type Microsoft.Cdn / ​​profiles, however the azurerm_cdn_profile resource of terraform does not support the sku Premium_AzureFrontDoor and

azure frontdoor configuration in azure portal:

“id”: “/subscriptions/guid-id/resourcegroups/rg/providers/Microsoft.Cdn/profiles/fd-test”,
“type”: “Microsoft.Cdn/profiles”,
“name”: “fd-test-”,
“location”: “Global”,
“kind”: “frontdoor”,
“tags”: {},
“sku”: {
"name": "Standard_AzureFrontDoor"
“properties”: {
“frontDoorId”: “442f25dd-94f5-4c66-b72c-b444545”,
“resourceState”: “Active”,
“provisioningState”: “Succeeded”