Terraform Cloud account creations is broken for several days now

Confirmation email doesn’t arrive for last 4 days and I’m unable to create a new acount.
What gives?

Hi @pentago,

Please open a case with support by emailing tf-cloud@hashicorp.support , so we can check.

Thank you !

I did, nobody answers last 5 days. Hashicorp and Terraform people are impossible to reach.

@pentago, Can you share the support ticket ID (or send me the email address used to open the ticket in a private message, if you don’t have the ticket ID) and I will check what is going on.


I see that there seems to be 3 support tickets associated with your email.
The one that you just opened and two others - one from Saturday and one from Monday evening.

The two existing tickets have already been updated / answered by a support agent.

Please view your “SPAM” folder and / or check with the email service to see why you are not able to see the replies.

Hey man, I don’t have any mail from Terraform Cloud in my email, not even spam. Nothing arrived and that’s the core of the problem.

I’m unable to open those topics and see answers because I don’t have the ticket URL (because I didn’t get the email, remember?). I attempted to create multiple tickets because I thought I was doing something wrong initially as mails weren’t arriving.

Can I ask you to get me URLs of those open tickets to review them, or at least screenshot answers to my questions? I’m totally sorry for bothering you but this whole thing is a giant mess.

:watermelon: Here’s a fruit for helping me :slight_smile:

I sent you a private message with the links to the tickets.

Please check with your email provider / admin, as not receiving emails from at least two different email systems is getting suspicious at this point.

The emails from Terraform Cloud come from no-reply@hashicorp.com and are sent via one email provider.

The emails from ZenDesk (the support ticketing system) come from tf-cloud-support@hashicorp.com and are sent via a different email provider.

I also sent you a direct test email from a 3rd email provider. Let me know if you receive it.

Just for posterity - this turned out to be a DNS configuration issue with the customer’s email provider and they confirmed that, after fixing it, they are able to receive the confirmation emails.

In case someone else is experiencing similar issues - please open a ticket with support by emailing tf-cloud@hashicorp.support or by following this link: Submit a request – HashiCorp Help Center