Terraform Cloud - Modules - Tag issue

I am not able to pulish modules in terraform cloud. Using guthub ac vcs. Getting following messages while publish module.

Module source repository has no tags.* The source repository for the module “module-vpc” for provider “alicloud” has no tags and therefore failed to setup. Please read the documentation on creating modules .

To resolve this issue, you can create a version by pushing a tag in the proper format. If the module was added in error, you can also delete it by clicking the “Delete Module” button in the top-right corner

@saeedsurat you need to add a release to your repository on Github for it to be imported as a module in TFC. I’m guessing you’ve only uploaded your code to the repo but have not released it as a specific version. Then in the future as you add new releases (new versions of your module) they will all be visible within TFC.

Hope this helps


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for Azure DevOps, you assign a tag to master. then you have to create a feature branch and assign a tag. logout from TF Cloud and Loging back again.