Adding a module in Terraform Cloud

I am trying to add a module in Terraform cloud free tier. Following the documentation I have created a repository for my module in GitLab, but when I am publishing my private module it is throwing an error stating " Module source repository has no tags." .

To use a repository as a module in Terraform Cloud, there are some requirements you must follow. Most relevant here is the need for release tags:

  • x.y.z tags for releases. The registry uses tags to identify module versions. Release tag names must be a semantic version, which can optionally be prefixed with a v . For example, v1.0.4 and 0.9.2 . To publish a module initially, at least one release tag must be present. Tags that don’t look like version numbers are ignored.

Have you tried creating a v1.0.0 or similar tag in your module repository?

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