How to use Git Tags in TF cloud?

I’m trying to migrate from locally run Terraform, to Terraform cloud. How I’m used to working is as follows:
The develop branch of my repo deploys to my development AWS account; the master branch deploy to the non-prod AWS account, and a tagged version of master deploys to prod.

However, Terraform Cloud doesn’t seem to support tags, so how is this supposed to work?

Create a branch, e.g. production, and merge the versions you want deployed to production to it.

Yeah, but then I don’t have a tagged version, so that I can see what exactly was deployed at any time. It’s not the end of the world, but a bit inconvenient

You have the history of the branch, which shows this, no?

If you rely on tagging, you have no obvious simple data in Git, indicating which tag is currently the one that should be deployed. (Sure, you can say “the latest”, but then you get into defining a versioning system in order to define which one should be considered “later” than another.)