Terraform Cloud Vs Enterprise

Hi There! I am new here :slight_smile: I have a question that maybe someone here can help.
Is there any material which talks Terraform Cloud Vs Terraform Enterprise? Why you would choose one from the other? I know they are the same product but questions around data residency, security etc. … any help on this is greatly appreciated!

In Terraform Enterprise runs on servers in your cloud env.
For example in Azure, you need to create a VM and then install Terraform Enterprise (TFE) on that server.

Terraform Cloud (TFC) runs on Hashicorp’s servers- you dont need to install it anywhere.
Just link it to your VCS system, and all the runs happen remotely, which you can monitor on the UI.

TFC is free for limited users, TFC is not.
HashiCorp Terraform: Enterprise Pricing, Packages & Features