Terraform flexible vlan tagging and encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services

Hi Guys

I triyng to configure Juniper main interface section by Terraform Junos Providers
My configuration are following

juniper@rgjit001> show configuration interfaces xe-1/0/0
description "Link to 9K3-F3 - TenGigE0/3/0/2";
mtu 9192;
**encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services;**

My terraform section correctly worked are following

# Configure an interface
resource "junos_interface_physical" "device1" {
  name = var.service_models.service_model_1.interface
  description = var.service_models.service_model_1.description
  mtu = var.service_models.service_model_1.mtu
  **vlan_tagging = true**

As you can see, in terraform junos providers, I can configure “vlan_tagging” but not “flexible vlan tagging” and I don’t have a encapsulation options.

Did some one have the same problem?
Thanks a lot

I have no experience with Juniper, but generally, if a Terraform provider doesn’t support the options you need in the underlying product, you will need to get someone to update the provider to add that support.