Terraform plugin exe using large amount of disk space

We are following chapter 6 Production Grade Infrastructure from Terraform Up and Running book where we do not have a single massive module, but small standalone modules.

For example if we had 10 microservices, they would all be there own modules, independent of each other. This will result in 10 .terraform directories under each module, with the
terraform-provider-aws_v**_x5.exe contained within the plugins directory.

This results in using a large amount of disk if you have a lot of modules.
From the documentation @ CLI Configuration - Terraform by HashiCorp it suggests terraform will try to use symbolic links
“When possible Terraform will use symbolic links to avoid storing a separate copy of a cached plugin in multiple directories…”
We are on Windows so this is not an option.

Our current repository when cloned is 4MB, but grows to over 10G when we terrraform init.
It contains multiple environments(dev,qa,uat,prod,dr) which is normal.
Do other people have issues with disk space or is this normal?