Terraform upgrade crash - 0.15.1 version

Hi, I’m trying to upgrade terraform from 0.13.4 to latest 1.41+ but there were many changes so I decided to upgrade to intermediate versioni.e… 0.15.1 as per suggestions.

When Im trying to upgrade terraform 0.15.1 from 0.13.4, terraform is getting crashed, can anyone please suggest on this. With terraform, I’m mostly creating resources on google cloud platform (GCP) such as compute instances, gcs, bq, gke etc.

Thanks in advance.

Please remember that people on this forum cannot read your mind. You’ve basically just told us “it broke”.

You can’t reasonably expect anyone to have any chance of understanding the details, with no information.

Your choice of 0.15.1 as a version to upgrade to is also rather mysterious:

  • If you were strictly following the release notes, which make the (unsubstantiated - I believe not actually necessary) claim that you need to upgrade from 0.13.x to 0.14.x, you would upgrade to 0.14.11

  • If you were upgrading to latest 0.15.x, that would be 0.15.5. You should always upgrade to the latest version of a release series, because it might have bugfixes.

My personal recommendation is that you should upgrade directly to Terraform 1.4.6.