Terraform v1.8.0 prereleases

Today we released the first beta on the path to Terraform v1.8.0. This release includes a few new features:

  • Providers can now implement functions which can be used from within the Terraform configuration language. The syntax for calling a provider supplied function is provider::provider_name::function_name().
  • Providers can now implement move operations between resource types, both from resource types defined by the provider and defined by other providers. Check provider documentation for supported cross-resource-type moves.
  • issensitive function added to detect if a value is marked as sensitive

Feedback is especially welcomed throughout the beta period.

For the full change list, including upgrade notes, please see the CHANGELOG.

Today we’ve released Terraform v1.8.0-rc1. Unless feedback from testing reveals significant blocking problems, this matches what we plan to release as v1.8.0 final.

If you test this prerelease and find a bug, please open a bug report.

We released Terraform v1.8.0-rc2 today. It contains a fix for the Issue #34894, and now matches what we plan to release as the final v1.8.0.