TF: Attach EKS node group nodes to NLB


I am looking for a way to attach directly in terraform EKS’s node group nodes as targets for NLB (ELB v2, type = “network”).

I am building a Kubernetes cluster and I do not want ALB ingress controller to (magically) created ALB instances and load balance traffic. I want to have full control over the infra.

And I want to point Route 53 with Terraform to the LB, so it’s difficult to target dynamically created ALB instances (yes, data sources, but I want to avoid this).

Is there a way to do this? I thought of ASG and target the ASG since the workload will be stateless, but combining EKS node group(s), autoscaling group (ASG) and LB targets is difficult and may not even work in the end. I am rather asking now.


I did not find solution.

I decided to use AWS Loadbalancer Ingress Controller with external-dns to manage ingress traffic.

Deployed with Helm provider from TF :slight_smile:

Consider this solved.