Timeout error how to fix?

mtimeout - last error: dial tcp i/o timeoute[0m

Operation failed: failed running terraform apply (exit 1)

Hi @harish.nelapati,

Do you know what exactly is? This seems like an error that’s probably coming from a Terraform provider that was trying to connect to whatever service it’s managing, but without any code example or any indication of what software is running on TCP port 4688 of it’s not really possible to guess what might be causing this.

What I was able to determine from your question is that this seems to be a public IP address owned by Microsoft, and so I guess this is probably the public IP address of a virtual machine you’ve started in Azure. If so, one possible cause is that you’ve not configured the network security groups correctly to enable external connections to that port, or that you should’ve used an internal IP address instead of this public one to reach the server.

If the above doesn’t help, I’d suggest to send another message containing the relevant Terraform code you’ve written and some information about what software is running on that port that you are trying to connect to.