Token Problem in Consul Multi Cluster Mode

Is there a way to synchronize tokens across clusters using the consult peering mode? We want to deploy the same service in different clusters, and it is best for each service to use the same token in different clusters. Or if we use multi DC mode, how can we migrate existing cluster tokens? Because it involves the issue of token invalidation

Hi @shenqidebaozi,

Cluster peering was designed to support service discovery and connectivity between autonomous Consul clusters. As such, it does not support the replication features found in WAN Federation.

This table on the cluster peering overview page that describes the differences between the two protocols.

If you need to use the same tokens in each cluster, you can use one of these supported options.

  1. Connect the cluster using cluster peering and manually create tokens with the same accessor and secret IDs in each cluster.
  2. Connect the clusters using WAN Federation and enable token replication from the primary DC to the secondary DCs.