Two services show up as three

This may just be an artifact of Promtail, which of course is out of scope for this forum. However, I am asking here because in this case Promtail is doing service discovery on a Nomad/Consul cluster.

In the attached screenshot we can see that Promtail has used Consul to discover labels/services that are in a Nomad cluster. The service that is being monitored is called awesome-api. The job specification includes two service stanzas that look like this:

    service {
      name = "awesome-api"
      tags = ["awesome","api","http"]
      port = "http"

      check {
        type     = "http"
        path     = "/status"
        interval = "2s"
        timeout  = "2s"
    service {
      name = "awesome-api"
      tags = ["awesome","api","metrics","logs"]
      port = "metrics"

The Promtail service discovery has three services listed. Apparently the service that exposes the metrics port has been discovered twice. If I look in the Consul listing, it

$ consul catalog services -tags
awesome-api                 http,awesome,logs,metrics,api

If I look in the Consul Web UI I see the one service which has two instances.

Any idea why Promtail would see more than that? (I realize as I type this up that I will also need to visit the Promtail community to see what they say about this.)