Upgrade Consul from 1.11.2

what is the best way to upgrade to consul to the latest from 1.11.2. I tried first to upgrade to 1.12.1 from 1.11.2, but it says consul was not found. I am using Debian 10. Also, should consul server or client be upgraded first ?


Hi @svsonawane83,

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The following links would help you in the upgrade:

  • Considering you are 5 versions old, you can consider jumping N+2 versions, instead of going through each version.

    i.e. 1.11.x → 1.13.x → 1.15.x → 1.16.x (where x is the latest patch-level version in each series). The following link explains this:

    ref: Upgrade Consul | Consul | HashiCorp Developer

  • When upgrading to each version, make sure you go through the specific version details to see if there are any prerequisites or things to take care of before upgrading.

    ref: Upgrading Specific Versions | Consul | HashiCorp Developer

I hope this helps!