Upgrade Path 1.8 -> 1.10

I’m looking to upgrade consul and wondering which upgrade path to take. I’m on 1.8.13. On the main upgrade page, it says to jump to 1.8.19 before 1.10. But on the 1.10 upgrade guide, it says 1.8.13 suffices. Which way should I upgrade?

1.8.13->1.10.x or 1.8.13->1.8.19->1.10.x.


In my experience, HashiCorp are quite bad at telling you to upgrade through more steps than are actually required, without providing explanations for these steps.

I upgraded from 1.8.1 to 1.10.x just fine, having consulted the changelog and determined that the changes in 1.8.13 were in fact irrelevant to how my cluster was licensed.

My reading of the main upgrade page is that it’s just naming the final versions of every obsolete release series, simply because they are the final versions, not because there’s any particular compatibility requirement involved.