Upgrade consul from 1.8.4 to 10.0.0

Hi guys,

we have a consul cluster on three vm’s running consul v1.8.4.
I tried upgrading it to consul v1.10.0 using the upgrading process like this (General Upgrade Process | Consul | HashiCorp Developer)
and what happened is that the leader changed (from server 1 to server 2) , and I couldn’t find our key values? Had to to a snapshot recreate and it worked.

I don’t have the logs, but did I do something wrong in the process? Was it something in the version 1.10.0?

After that, I did an upgrade on the version 1.10.7 and everything worked ok, as far as I could see (the leader changed back to server-1 and the data was still there).

All this looks like there was something fishy in the version 1.10.0?