Usage of waypoint runner agent


I’m studying waypoint to evaluate the use on my company and the more I read the documentation, the more confused I get about waypoint.
I have been reading the documentation and I can’t set it up waypoint in a way to adapt to our needs.

I managed to install wayport server only waypoint "server run -url-enabled=false -listen-http= -db=/data/data.db using docker compose.
This will be on a machine 1 on datacenter 1

Now on datacenter 2 on machine 1 I want to have a runner agent to run things on docker, for example, run tests on a custom image or build a new image and push it to a docker registry that is on datacenter 3.

But on the agent documentation page there is nothing on how to point this agent to connect to the server in the datacenter 1 runner agent docs

ps: later I will run with nomad but I need to understand waypoint first.

Hey @boxsolid ! Sorry you are having a frustrating time figuring out Waypoint. We have some missing information in the CLI docs for running waypoint runner agent.

If you are looking into how to run a Waypoint runner manually, we recommend following the documentation here: Additional Runners | Waypoint | HashiCorp Developer

However - we should also have these env vars documented on the CLI for this command so that it’s discoverable! I’ve opened an issue to cover updating the documentation :Docs: Include all Env Vars used for `waypoint runner agent` in the CLI docs · Issue #4248 · hashicorp/waypoint · GitHub