Vagrant and Docker, sync folder permision

Hi all!

I use Vagrant to manage a Ubuntu-14.04 docker.

I have a sync shared folder name: common (create by my personal user in host)

config.vm.synced_folder "common", "/common"

The vagrant Docs says:

The Docker provider does not support specifying options for owner or group on folders synced with a docker container.

In my case, vagrant user(docker) and my personal user (host), have diferents UID. This causes permissions problem when I try copy files from docker in the common folder.

I don’t want to change the permission folder in host and avoid use rsync.

Is there a generic solution to this problem?

My System:

  • Ubuntu-20.04
  • Docker 20.10.14
  • Vagrant 2.2.19

You can use volumes to avoid this problem.