Vagrant Quick Start is missing at least one page

I was doing the quick start and it’s a bit of mix of good and not so good.
The first page (What is Vagrant?) is solid.
Then the next 4 pages (Install Vagrant, Initialize a Project Directory, Install and Specify a Box, and Boot an Environment) go over the same territory as the first page with a tiny bit more detail.
The 6th page (Synchronize Local and guest Files) was interesting. It didn’t work for the alpine box I was testing with, but the original bionic 64 worked … which raised other questions because I couldn’t figure out why the alpine box didn’t share he vagrant directory when the Vagrant file was virtually identical.

Finally what the post is about, the 7th page (Share an Environment) seems to follow a page where you setup a web server and create a development environment. When I installed and ran vagrant share, it complained about no running web server.
“Vagrant was unable to detect an HTTP port for your machine.”
Maybe I was supposed to forward a port, or configure virtual box, I don’t know.
I may try opening the wayback machine and see if I can find the missing page back a year or 5 ago.
I’m frustrated because Vagrant is a great tool for mindlessly repeatably setting up virtual machines creating a great test bed for all kind of infrastructure / CICD testing.

OK, this is weird, according to the way back machine, what I need are the first 2 (but not the last) page from the “Networking and Provisioning” section under operations.
(And then I needed to go back to “Share an Environment”)

I’m more than a little frustrated.
I was very excited, I hit a road block.
I figured out that there was a way around my road block, but I ran out of time before I could see if the way I found, actually works.

It’s like the bridge wasn’t washed out, it was moved, and all the signs say to just go across the bridge that isn’t there. Vagrant appears to be firmly embedded on all my paths to the Ansible mastery, but I wish it wasn’t.

When was the last time a Hashicorp new-hire was told to go through the vagrant tutorial and record their experiences “just to validate that its clear and engaging” ?
Or do it as a pairing exercise with whoever “owns” the vagrant getting started page.
If that person doesn’t exist, then whoever “owns” the vagrant product.
Either way, grab someone who isn’t a competent Vagrant user and have them try the quick start.

The first page is AMAZING. Within 7 minutes of multi-tasking I had installed vagrant, gotten a box, vagrant up’d, vagrant ssh’d and vagrant destroyed. There was a lot I knew I was missing, but the quick start 8 more pages, all of them promising to be as short and useful as the first.