Help to make Vagrant great again?

Hello, I was introduced to Vagrant a couple of years ago. I soon got the hang of it and loved it. I was using Vagrant on Virtualbox to set up virtual environments for the test and development of PHP. I really started enjoying the access it gave me. I have stayed away from PHP development for some years. I was positive about coming back to it. One of the reasons for the positivity was that I could rely on such a good test environment. Vagrant, that is. It is funny though… now I am trying to use it again with no good results. The original way that I learned to use Vagrant was via this guide (I am on Windows 10 now). Everything worked the same in the setup and was still perfect. However, I have not been able to connect via a browser one time. I keep getting multiple messages about security. These security certificate warnings have shown up in every browser. I have posted this message to see if anyone can direct me to a way to set Vagrant up where its connectivity to the web will just work. I think the way I was using it in the past is outdated now. Thanks for any help. Phil