Vault Folder Structure Advice

So I’m doing a PoC to see if Vault would fit into our organization. To have a clear picture, I wanted to have a proper structure for our vault. But since I’m brand new to vault, it is very hard for me to do so.
What I would realy like is to have someone who would offer an hour to just talk about our infrastructure and how Vault should be structured.
Is there an offer somewhere where I can get in contact with someone?

Or is this Discuss the only platform to get such an advice? I would prefer not to share that much detail with the world… :slight_smile:

Greets - Chris

That’s known as Consultation which is not a free service anyone provides; if someone does, their advice is worth exactly as much as you paid for – I wouldn’t recommend basing an company’s Vault setup/infrastructure on free advice.

My suggestion is to either get a consultant that has experience doing this, or if you’re going to go with an Enterprise license, then you can get time with a sales person and their pre-sales tech. I doubt you’ll get all of the answers your looking for but it’s a good start.

Take that and do a PoC on the OSS version before committing to the Enterprise license – as part of the license I’d recommend getting an architect review built in so that they can review your setup.

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