Vault installation shows only a momentary flash of terminal window

I am following the guidance for installation of Vault on Windows 10. I get a momentary flash of a terminal window and that is it.

How do I know if the installation has been successful?
What should I expect to see during and after the installation?

Hi @Nate, something is probably wrong with your configuration.

Vault has nothing to install, you just run vault.exe and point it to a configuration file. If something is wrong, it will be displayed on the commnd line. If you double-click on vault.exe in an Explorer window, all you get in that flash is probably the default help text.

This guide works for Linux and Windows alike:

It uses Consul though, you can skip that part are store secrets on the file system instead. To do so, in the file vault-config.hcl, replace this part:

storage "consul" {
  address = ""

With this

storage "file" {
  path = "encrypted_data"

Vault will create and manage it’s encrypted secrets under a folder named encrypted_data.

+Keep in mind that you’ll save some typing if vault.exe is in your Windows path, and that you must have write access to the folder you are running from.