Vault service restarts and auto seals operator

I have recently encountered a problem where vault was auto sealing and when i checked logs this is what i found.

May 30 08:23:48 dev-vault systemd[1]: vault.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=2/INVALIDARGUMENT
May 30 08:23:48 dev-vault systemd[1]: Unit vault.service entered failed state.
May 30 08:23:48 dev-vault systemd[1]: vault.service failed.

I tried to debug more but not much information i got.

Vault was installed through YUM on a standalone server - centos-7
Vault version - 1.10.0

Not sure how i can bring back my vault server back online again normal.


Hi, please make sure binary path is correct or/and try remove StartLimitIntervalSec flag in the Unit file.

Thanks! @zor

Now i don’t see vault operator auto sealing but i encountered another issue with vault login as below.

# vault login
Token (will be hidden):
Error authenticating: empty response from lookup-self

Does it mean my root token to authenticate in the server is gone?

In ma case, Yes! had to redo all things from the start like initializing, unsealing, redeploying, etc

If you don’t mind could you please share the link where i can do clean initialize, unseal and redeploy vault without loosing vault data/secrets?


Share me if you have steps on this please? i’m bit new to this tool…


I don’t think you can recover them, for I’ve managed all secrets via Terraform, so quite ez to recreate even anything happened to Vault. Suggest to do that way.

Thanks @zor Will implement that way!

This whole thread gave me heart burn. Please tell me that you two didn’t just blow away your Vault configuration and data store because an application failed to start.

Vault was restarting automatically and fixed after removing StartLimitIntervalSec as suggested, but the vault login was still failing with above error mentioned!

It may have started but I don’t think it was healthy check vault status and the app logs to see what is going on.