Virtual Meetup Sentiment

Hi everyone :wave:

A few months ago we sent out a survey to all HashiCorp User Group members asking them a series of questions to learn how everyone feels about virtual meetups in a time when we are unable to Meetup in person.

View the results from members in the Americas here.

View the results from members in Europe here.

The answers to this survey taught us that the opportunity to reach members virtually is underutilized. This is more than understandable considering that people working from home do not want continue Zoom after work hours. “Zoom fatigue” as they say is a valid reason for the decline in Meetups since March.

Organizers that have hosted virtually are able to cast a wider net for speakers and viewership, report a better attrition rate and interest from a global community of users outside of their normal attendance base.

If you are an organizer interested in hosting a virtual meetup, I’m eager to work together and brainstorm ways to make your meetup stand out and raise the engagement rate. Also, let us know if you need to utilize HashiCorp Zoom license for your Meetup.