We are creating multi region consul cluster (without federation) and we are unsure we need nomad multi region

we are moving to a consul multi-regional setup without a federation at the moment, and since we also use nomad - we are not sure we should use nomad as multi-region as well.
Our nomad servers and clients do not use consul to discover each other but the clients use consul to register services.

Going over previous threads on the matter did not lead to any concrete solution … will be glad to hear guidance on the matter.

Hi @YafimK,

consul multi-regional setup without a federation

Does this therefore mean a single Consul DC along with a single quorum of servers spread across multiple cloud provider regions?

note: a Consul datacenter maps to a Nomad region, therefore if you’re running a single Consul DC, you would run a single Nomad region.

jrasell and the Nomad team

we will have 3 isolated consul DC’s, i.e. each is an isolated quorum of servers in a differnt AWS region. The DC’s are not federated.

I wonder if we also need separated nomad DC (i.e. quorum of servers) per each such consul cluster or if it can be handled with one per all.

@jrasell, reading your message again and the architecture docs of nomad about this

Nomad models infrastructure as regions and datacenters. A region will contain one or more data centers. A set of servers joined together will represent a single region. Servers federate across regions to make Nomad globally aware.
Nomad models a datacenter as an abstract grouping of clients within a region. Nomad > clients are not required to be in the same datacenter as the servers they are joined with, > but do need to be in the same region. Datacenters provide a way to express fault > > > > tolerance among jobs as well as isolation of infrastructure.

So if I understand this correctly - Every Nomad region is a nomad server qurom, which is similar to consul DC. This means that I will need to deploy such “region” per each consul DC.

Am I right?