Windows Desktop failed, how to see logs?

Hi, Windows Desktop failed to connect to Boundary Server with message bellow after typing boundary address on ‘Welcome to Boundary’. Boundary server is running in production mode, release 0.3.0, in a Kubernetes cluster behind Nginx ingress. It is working via browser and command line. How can I see Desktop logs to investigate this error?

'Something went wrong


We’re not sure what happened. Please contact your administrator or try again later.’

Hey there, can you screen grab the value you used to connect to Boundary?


Hi, thanks for fast response, I removed company name. It is https because Boundary API is running behind Nginx Kubernetes ingress:


This might sound obvious, but just wanted to make sure: you’re running the browser-based admin console and the CLI client’s from the same Window’s host? And those are connecting fine?

Hi there! This could be a CORS setup issue. For desktop client to communicate successfully with controller, add serve://boundary to your cors_allowed_origins config.

You can also check if this is a CORS issue by allowing all CORS origins (cors_allowed_origins= ["*"]) temporarily.

Yes. These are logs from ingress. Notice a 401 on /v1/scopes/global. I noticed same 401 accessing via browser-based admin console but it works.

{“time_date”: “2021-06-21T16:30:13+00:00”, “client”: “”, “host”: “”, “scheme”: “https”, “request_method”: “GET”, “request_uri”: “/v1/scopes”, “request_id”: “8a96a419e4426a06dcaecdded6d8fbd5”, “status”: 200, “upstream_addr”: “”, “upstream_status”: 200}
{“time_date”: “2021-06-21T16:30:14+00:00”, “client”: “”, “host”: “”, “scheme”: “https”, “request_method”: “GET”, “request_uri”: “/v1/scopes”, “request_id”: “e178d4c6f842b6e225cb2d874db2c1ad”, “status”: 200, “upstream_addr”: “”, “upstream_status”: 200}
{“time_date”: “2021-06-21T16:30:15+00:00”, “client”: “”, “host”: “”, “scheme”: “https”, “request_method”: “GET”, “request_uri”: “/v1/scopes/global”, “request_id”: “3e70854855870afdeff122ea14132366”, “status”: 401, “upstream_addr”: “”, “upstream_status”: 401}
{“time_date”: “2021-06-21T16:30:15+00:00”, “client”: “”, “host”: “”, “scheme”: “https”, “request_method”: “GET”, “request_uri”: “/v1/scopes”, “request_id”: “667f2786b52bd74057be9d03cf09473f”, “status”: 200, “upstream_addr”: “”, “upstream_status”: 200}
{“time_date”: “2021-06-21T16:30:15+00:00”, “client”: “”, “host”: “”, “scheme”: “https”, “request_method”: “GET”, “request_uri”: “/v1/auth-methods”, “request_id”: “871abcc96f048d1c28b90f54aab79553”, “status”: 200, “upstream_addr”: “”, “upstream_status”: 200}

Thanks, fixed adding CORS config.

Brilliant. Thank you for trying out Boundary!