Wrong time sessions on Boundary

Using boundary, I noticed that when starting sessions, the session start time appeared three hours ahead of the current one in my country.

I noticed that the server that Boundary was running really had the wrong time. I fixed the server with the right time and the correct time zone too. The boundary logs are even being logged with the correct time. But the sessions are still being brought in three hours in advance. Is there anything I can do to resolve and change the Boundary schedule?

I believe the “session time” you’re referring to is when you do something like list sessions. If so, then the times displayed are from the database, not the worker.

Hey! The times I mean are those that are returned when we start a session:

So, the time it brings is not according to the time that is configured on the server? Does it bring the time that is configured in the database?

Yep, it’s whatever time postgres thinks it is: boundary/50_session.up.sql at 477b541bf0855821ac2f1d9bf693534978e01696 · hashicorp/boundary · GitHub

I understood! So the right thing to do in this case would be to change the database time?