ACL nomad multi-region


I’m deploying nomad cluster with multi-region and set up ACL. When I create ACL token global:

nomad acl token create -name="infra" -type=management -global=true=true

this token can only use on region create, but with another region I get an error:
http: request failed: method=GET path=/v1/acl/policy/anonymous?region=bangalore-dev error="rpc error: ACL token not found" code=403

I follow the doc:

But I not clear at here:
For servers outside the authoritative region, setreplication_tokenin the [aclstanza]( Replication tokens should bemanagementtype tokens which are either created in the authoritative region or created as Global tokens.
My acl config:
acl { enabled = true token_ttl = "30s" policy_ttl = "30s" replication_token = "6e669719-3bf1-212e-ae28-95a8f58fc9b5" }
6e669719-3bf1-212e-ae28-95a8f58fc9b5 -> create with type management