Boundary wants your feedback!

:wave: Hello from HashiCorp’s Boundary team!

I’m Madeleine, a Product Designer from Boundary. I’m working with the team on figuring out how to improve the experience of deploying self-managed workers. Right now, we want to understand what users (like yourself) experience when deploying a self-managed worker. Specifically, we want to understand any difficulties you run into while deploying a worker for the first time.

Are you interested in being interviewed about your experience deploying self-managed workers onto Boundary?

Details for this 30-minute session are as follows:

  • The session will be with you, a Product Designer, and additional HashiCorp employees
  • We will ask you about your experience onboarding onto Boundary and listen to any feedback you can share with us.
  • Sessions will be held on Zoom
  • Before each session, an NDA will be sent out to you. Please sign the NDA before our session

All feedback from this session will be used in order to improve our product. Go ahead and DM me if you are interested! I’ll provide additional details and available times for us to chat.