Bounday AWS Deployment error

After creating AWS resource with terraform, I applied the boundary module provided by the terraform example in GitHub - hashicorp/boundary-reference-architecture: Example reference architecture for a high availability Boundary deployment on AWS.. However, it fails with the error message below once I kick off terraform apply, and I am curious how to debug this kind of error. I cant seem to find the correlation with the client request and the module.

│ Error: error calling read scope: error performing client request during Read call: Get “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

│ with,
│ on boundary/ line 1, in resource “boundary_scope” “global”:
│ 1: resource “boundary_scope” “global” {

Here is a what I have in my file:

What terraform commands are you running and in what order to provision the ref arch?


I am following this guide as a reference and running these commands:

terraform init

terraform apply -target

terraform apply

@omkensey did you get a chance to review my commands? I attempted a complete reinstall today and I still am receiving the same error above.