Where to find Boundary server logs?

After creating AWS resource with terraform, I applied the boundary module provided by the terraform example in https://github.com/hashicorp/boundary-reference-architecture. However, it fails with the error message below, and I am curious how to debug this kind of error. According to the Status Codes description in Boundary official doc, it told me to see Boundary’s server logs, and I’m curious where I can find it. Thanks a lot !

module.boundary.boundary_scope.global: Creating...
module.boundary.boundary_scope.global: Creation complete after 1s [id=global]
module.boundary.boundary_scope.org: Creating...
module.boundary.boundary_role.global_anon_listing: Creating...

Error: error creating scope: {"status":500, "code":"Internal", "details":{"error_id":"z008ePD1Og"}}

Error: error calling create role: {"status":500, "code":"Internal", "details":{"error_id":"OLGIsuBbkY"}}

Hi there,

Server logs are printed to stderr, and some startup information to stdout.

I used sudo systemctl status boundary-controller to check the logs, but nothing is shown.

With systemd the controller logs will be in journalctl.This query is what I use for debugging:

$ sudo journalctl -u boundary-controller --lines=50 --follow

Obviously adjust the process name for whatever name you used :wink:

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