Can I create my own Ui to visualise Consul?


I’ve been looking for an api or sdk to get values from Consul. I need to create my own UI to report systems… I’m just new at Consul and couldn’t understand I could do this or not?

If anyone could redirect me, would be great!


Using the Consul UI with proper ACLs is not an option for you?

There are also Open Source UIs like hashi-ui, which may be a good starting point.

I think what he wants to achieve is a dashboard in an existing monitoring/ reporting system.

@atasoyh: do you need something like this? Consul Monitoring dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

And if so what’s the target (reporting) system? If you need metrics, this should help: Monitor Consul Datacenter Health | Consul - HashiCorp Learn

I need to show all the env’s services in a table. So we will be able to compare them. And there is a couple of customisation request, too.

I could get a response to list all services via /v1/internal/ui/services… I could find it from Consul Ui’s network logging… If there is an api with documentation which I can fetch and format the data would be great.

I might sound odd, but this is first day I’m looking what Consul is…:slight_smile:

Something like this?

Thanks for those. I’ve seen there is an api and some documentations.

I think Discovery Chain - HTTP API | Consul by HashiCorp is helpful to get each services data? but I am still unsure it’s the right one. And I couldn’t understand how to read that services list like v1/internal/ui/services ?

And also if there is something like swagger which I can see response, description and fields’s types would be great :slight_smile: I might be asking too much.

Ok, I found Catalog - HTTP API | Consul by HashiCorp and v1/catalog/services which returns services as key/value pairs. Apparently, the key is representing the service name and the value is Tags I assume…
So digging in progress!