Display custom health report in Consul UI


In our organization, we have the requirement to fetch config data of various running services periodically and display it in UI. I am thinking of using Consul Health Check for this.

While I was able to connect to services and get the basic health data, I need a way to display lot of config data (in a table format) for each health check request that was made. In the UI, I can only see one value at present.

Does Consul offer anything to meet this requirement?

Thanks for reading my question.

Hi @vikramrkin are you wanting to display additional telemetry data about the service? The reason I ask is because Consul only displays the basic health check for the service and some minimal connectivity information in the UI (see here) . Additional application metrics will require the usage of an observability tool. Take a peek at this tutorial for an example you can spin up easily.

Hi @vikramrkin,

I’m a product manager on the Consul team. I’d like to better understand what you’re trying to accomplish here and how Consul might fit into that (either now or in the future). If you’re interested in having a conversation about this, please email me at the address listed in my Github profile and we can schedule something.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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