Cannot connect to admin console when running boundary in dev mode in GCE

Hey all,

So I understand boundary is a relatively new product and we in our org are planning to use HCB or rather the boundary OSS for enforcing zero-trust.
We have 99% of our infra on GCP. And 1% on AWS.
I installed boundary on a GCE instance for doing a POC and everything is working as expected and all requirements for the installation was also met.

The only problem is when I’m running “sudo boundary dev” i should be able to remotely access the admin console from my browser as per documentation. In the documentation it uses the localhost IP:9200 but since I’m running this on GCE I’m using the public IP of instance and the same port. I have even opened the ports in the VPC firewall.
Still I’m not able to access the admin console via my browser as it shows that nothing is running on that port or at that address
If you could kindly help me out that had be great! TIA!

In dev mode the Boundary server is going to listen on localhost only by default, so you won’t be able to access it from outside the host at all regardless of firewall settings. If you want to run it on a remote host you’ll need to set the address flag for the API listener (either in a config file or on the command line) to an interface assigned IP, or

If you intend to run workers on other hosts, you’ll also need to set the public cluster address of the control server to an address the workers can reach it on, and set the public address of the workers to an address the clients can reach the workers on (usually a public IP).


That worked! Now i understand, the documentation was not clear on this part (running in a remote host i mean) but thank you so much for the quick help!