Connect button didn't shown in client

Hi guys i got a problem where connect button didn’t show up in my client pov. I’m using self-manage Boundary.

and this is the grant access for the user

any idea why ?

Hi Gundar,

Based off your sceenshots it looks like you’re viewing the targets in your admin console?

If this is the case, it is normal you don’t see the connect buttons. You’d need to install and run the Boundary Desktop client if you want to be able to connect to clients via the GUI.


Thanks for the reply i manage to connect to the target but its say i have input the wrong password. What password is required to access it ? i try my Ubuntu password, i try password that i already set for it and its still said wrong password

What credentials are attached to the target?

Boundary doesn’t define the password of your target, so you’re likely passing the incorrect credentials to the target VM.

You can also view the target systems auth log to see why it’s rejecting the credentials boundary is trying to use.

I manage to find it Thanks for the help!!! :pray:

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I have another question @conor-mccullough if i’m not wrong there is session recording for each session establish. Is it only for HCP Boundary or self managed can have that feature ?

Session recording is available in both HCP for cloud deployments and Boundary Enterprise for self-managed - however, it isn’t available with Boundary OSS.

Thank you for the information !!