Consul with GRPC Golang

Hello everyone, I want to connect my GRPC service in Golang to the consul with Health Check. But when I connected it, I got this error

Check “service:UserService-localhost-9000” failed: rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unknown service

It always calls to service. This is my AgentServiceRegistration struct

reg := &api.AgentServiceRegistration{
ID: fmt.Sprintf("%v-%v-%v", cs.Name, cs.IP, cs.Port),
Name: cs.Name,
Tags: cs.Tag,
Port: cs.Port,
Address: cs.IP,
Check: &api.AgentServiceCheck{
Interval: “10s”,
GRPC: fmt.Sprintf("%v:%v/%v", cs.IP, cs.Port, cs.Name),
DeregisterCriticalServiceAfter: “60s”,

Do I have an error in my settings?