Databricks fails with authentication error while using AzureRM 2.69.0 and above

Terraform (and AzureRM Provider) Version
terraformVersion: 0.14.9
Affected Resource(s)
azurerm version : 2.69.0 and above
Panic Output
The issue is not introduced when switching back to 2.68.0.
We are using it for authentication. our code broke after 2.68.0 and more.
Error: authentication is not configured for the provider. Please configure it
through one of the following options:

host + token provider arguments.
azure_databricks_workspace_id + AZ CLI authentication.
azure_databricks_workspace_id + azure_client_id + azure_client_secret + azure_tenant_id for Azure Service Principal authentication.
Run data bricks configure --token that will create ~/.databrickscfg file.

Steps to Reproduce
terraform apply

This issue is long fixed, please upgrade to the latest version of the provider