Deploying a Hugo website with Waypoint

I have a Hugo website I’d like to deploy with Waypoint. Hugo ( is a static website builder: it generates HTML files from Markdown templates.

I currently use hugo serve to develop (the command runs a web server and rebuilds the site on file save) and hugo to build the final files when deploying (through Netlify).

I would like to have a similar workflow, but using Waypoint instead. I have no idea where to look at and how to do this.

The exec plugin doesn’t seem to work for the build step:

build {
    use "exec" {
      command = ["hugo"]

! plugin does not implement: builder

The files plugin is usable by build, but I can’t find a way of using the hugo command as part of Waypoint up - or if it’s even what I’m supposed to do:

build {
  use "files" {}
  registry {
    use "files" {
      path = "public/"

Note: I don’t think this ^ works as I’m expecting it to work

I have two questions:

  • where can I look at to find relevant resources?
  • am I going in the right direction, or is Waypoint simply not adapted to my situation?


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It sounds like you might be able to use the files build plugin, with a before hook and the netlify deploy plugin.

There have been some recent issues reported with the netlify plugin, so you may have to wait until 0.1.5 or whenever that gets addressed.

Thanks, I will indeed use hooks for building my files. Is there any documentation for the files plugin? I can’t find anything under

From experimentation, the files plugin simply copy the current directory to a destination, and if the destination is inside the current directory, it infinitely loops.

The files plugin is a part of the Netlify plugin and documented here.