Existing Nomad Job Spec Conversion

In the Nomad-Pack documentation, it mentions “You can convert your existing Nomad job specifications into reusable packs”. Certainly one can do it by hand, but is there any utility or best practice guide / procedures on how to do this?

Thank you.

Hi @d4parkl Thanks for using Nomad/Pack!

The Nomad Pack registry has this Writing Packs guide. You can also use nomad-pack generate <pack-name> to skaffold out a new pack for you. I think you’ll need to use the nightly build for that or build from source yourself, as that command landed after the last tech preview. Hope that helps! Please raise any issues you come across.

Thanks for the reply Derek.

So just to confirm, there is no utility or “best practices” for converting existing nomad job HCLs… Correct?

Yeah, there is no utility. In terms of best practices, I think guide I linked you to can provide insight. As you look through your jobs, hopefully you’ll be able to see things that you want to turn into template helpers.