Feature request: bring back host+port URL in Boundary Desktop

Before Boundary Desktop v1.7.x (corresponding to v0.14.x), when a user connects to a target, the proxy URL appears as host:port with a button to copy the URL.

The user copies the URL, paste it in a browser, profit.
However, in >= v1.7.x:

You cannot imagine how confusing this is for non-technical users. They see this screen, get confused, don’t know what to do, decide to desperately click on the button, paste it on their browser, get a “Connection timeout” screen, decide to ping all administrators. No profit at all.

This happens ALWAYS. Does this looks surprising ? Boundary Desktop is used primarily by users who do not know what URL stands for!

Please bring back the URL (host+port) format in one button. Even better, it would be great to open the URL directly in the default browser. Thank you.

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